Indoor Digital Advertising

Easy as it should be


Digital signage shouldn’t be hard, so We make it simple, and affordable. Simple upfront pricing, indoor locations throughout the city, and an in house design team. Our ads are 10-15 seconds, and Our “Network” is displays setup within other business’s that have high traffic and wait times. Each ad can be seen displayed over 40,000 times a month, and counting !

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High resolution displays are placed strategically throughout prominent venues in the area, displaying your message to a captive audience. You can purchase ads to display in specific neighborhoods or across our entire distribution area.Wired Signage has changed the game. We make out of home advertising available to all businesses, and affordable.

No contract options, and pricing that fits practically any budget means anyone with a desire to grow their brand and a few dollars can have their own indoor billboard ads. Whether you are a real-estate agent or have a family-owned restaurant, you decide how much—or how little you want to spend.

Indoor Digital billboards are a form of indoor advertising that offer more flexibility than most out of home advertising mediums. Unlike most billboard ads, a indoor digital billboard can be updated in real time. Real-time updates are made possible by electronic digital signage players using software to update digital billboards instantly.

The onset of digital indoor billboards revolutionized when and where billboard ads show, but the process of advertising on one has remained relatively the same. You choose your digital billboard along with an advertising contract.

We Make Advertising Easy & Affordable

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Budget Friendly

Advertising shouldn't be expensive. Start a campaign today with just a few locations or the entire network. We can work with You on practically any budget, You decide how much to spend! Start today low as $7 per day !

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Smart Billboards

We can deploy a new billboard ad every 5 minutes! Our systems are smart and update every 5 minutes.

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Graphics Design

We have an in house graphics design team, to help achieve great ROI and exposure.

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No Contract Option

Don't like contracts ? We understand, and have monthly pricing with no contract required !

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Start Advertising today low as $ 7 / per Day !

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Our Recent Writings

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Ready to start advertising on indoor billboards ?

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