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Digital Signage CMS

Wired Signage Content Management System

The heart of the Wired Signage Digital Signage Platform. Try it for free today!

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Built for Wired Signage

Packed with Features

Create and manage your digital signage content quickly and easily with the Wired Signage CMS. See our Features page for full details.

Your Content Your Way !

Wired Signage makes creating your digital signage content quick and easy.


Create layouts for all your design ideas with powerful widgets built in as well as integrated content from third parties to keep your display fresh and up to date.


Bring your design to life in the browser and see how it will look on screen. Play it through from start to finish to get the complete picture.


Scheduling your content is easy with Xibo. With options for one off, repeat and always on events, as well as campaign scheduling, we’ve got you covered.


Your network, your way


Display Admin

Monitor all your displays in real time. Collect diagnostic and proof of play data for each display.

User Admin

Keep your content safe and secure with Wired Signage built in User Authentication System. Control user/user group access to CMS features.


Group your displays into logical sets and then schedule and report them. You can also group Users to organise system access


Flexible Licensing Options

We aim to make Wired Signage accessible for all, and that means making our solution and access to our CMS and players as flexible as possible.

If you’re interested in Cloud hosting alongside your Wired Signage for Android player, we recommend using one of our cost-effective Plans.

If you’re self hosted and only need a Wired Signage for Android Perpetual Licence, we’ve got you covered! Our Independent Pricing offers one-time fee licensing options if you’re using a self-hosted CMS .


Offline and New Device Options

We want you to have the flexibility to move a license to a new device if a device is damaged or lost. To provide this service all Wired Signage for Android installations check with our license service over the internet every 30 days.

Wired Signage for Android can also be licensed for usage on a corporate WAN or on local intranets. This can be used to manually license your clients and remove the need for the 30 day check.

(*) perpetual license required for each device in addition to on-premise pack

Use Your own hardware

Reduce your total cost of ownership with a Player running on Android. Using Wired Signage on Android means you are only paying a license fee for the Wired Signage Player and not for the device operating system. This usually means you can run on comparable hardware at a lower cost.

Wired Signage for Android runs on most devices running Android 7 or higher. 

The DSCS9X, by DSDevices, has been built and fine-tuned for Wired Signage for Android and is our recommended hardware. It comes complete Wired Signage pre-installed, to make set up even easier. Worldwide shipping available.


We are here to support you

Digital signage is a powerful way to engage and inform employees, visitors, and customers quickly and efficiently across multiple locations.

But it can be expensive—especially if you don’t have the right tools.

That’s why we created Wired Signage a cloud-hosted digital signage solution that’s cost effective, web CMS based, and designed to engage and inform employees and visitors quickly and efficiently across multiple locations.

We’ve also included an affordable digital signage solution for 1/10th of the cost of other solutions!

And our excellent support team is here to help with any questions you may have along the way.

Digital Signage CMS