Indoor Digital Signage is proven

DIGITAL SIGNAGE ADVERTISING is the fastest-growing marketing and communications medium in the world, second only to the Internet. Indoor Digital Signage is an effective way to reach customers and clients.

  • 300% increase of sales when aided by a promotion.
  • 77% of those interviewed agreed that in the research test location the indoor Digital Billboard provided
  • “an easy way to learn about a new product.”
  • 68% agreed that digital advertising would influence their decision to buy the advertised products in the future.
  • 65% agreed that it would make them “think more positively” about the advertised product.
  • 44% agreed that advertising on the screen has “influenced them to buy the advertised product instead ofthe one they planned to buy.”

source: NIELSEN RESEARCH. NIELSEN RESEARCH conducted a study that included 1,000 exit interviews with patrons at over 1,300 different locations.

Ad recall and retention in digital signage is better than any other form of traditional advertising, according to numerous published studies. Viewers tend to perceive television and radio ads as interruptions. By contrast, consumers are more responsive to digital signage ads when they convey timely, helpful and relevant info that helps them in the buying decision process.

  • Viewers cannot skip through digital signage ads.
  • Digital signage ads have a high frequency of repetition.
  • Digital signage ads are compelling because of the color and fullmotion graphics.
  • Digital signage ads are very flexible; they can be customized and aimed at smaller target audiences within a larger audience.