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Integrators / Operators

Integrators / Operators

Wired Signage provides Network Integrators and Operators an easy to deploy and use solution that has all features required for running a successful network.

The software runs on standard Android PC / Android systems connected to a TV (LCD / LED / Plasma / Projection) or Monitor, with no need for any additional custom software installations.

Digital Signage Solutions Digital Signage Manager Features:

  • Remote Management of multiple
  • Display Screens from single location Display Video, Images, Flash, Web Pages
  • Single / Split Screen layout for simultaneous display of any combination of media formats
  • Banner Feed for display of Custom Messages and / or RSS Feeds with customizable Banner Scroll Speed, Background and Text Colors
  • Dayparting
  • Playlist Scheduling
  • Auto Screen Sizing
  • Real time Online Display Reports
  • Real time Online Screen Operating Status Logs