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Advertising Network

Advertising Network

Create a strong & Powerful Advertising Network. Digital Signage Advertising Networks have become popular business ventures, as they require low investment and can be managed by a small team or even by an individual.

Wired Byte IT Solutions (“Wired Signage”) Digital Signage now provides a turnkey solution that covers Media Players, Display Software and Remote Management, and Technical Support – all as a composite solution.

Service Features:

  • Use Remote Management from anywhere – anytime – any device – Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Phone (Android, iPhone or Blackberry)
  • Compact Media Players that has a small foot print and requires no special installation – just plug and play
  • Create content using over 1,000 customizable templates – just add your picture and text
  • Display images
  • Display video
  • Display websites
  • Unlimited disk space on our servers
  • Unlimited updates
  • Display LIVE Weather – Current Conditions, Short Term and Weekly Forecast
  • 3 Content scheduling options
    – Target content to all screens in your network
    – Target content to a sub-set of screens by creating your own groups (based on Zip, type of business, etc.
    – Target specific screens in your network
  • Schedule content for display at particular time of day
  • Schedule content for display on particular days of week
  • View proof of display logs online
  • View status of each Media Player – whether displaying or not